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The Impact of the Moratorium of Indonesian Migrant Workers Placement on Society Attitudes Towards Human Trafficking in East Nusa Tenggara

This research was conducted by the Zero Human Trafficking Network (ZHTN) Research Task Force in which Migrant CARE was the conductor and research coordinator with the support of Mensen met een Missie, The Haque, Netherlands.
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Praise be to God Almighty for the completion of this research report. As “joint program”, this research is a follow-up to the meeting of the Zero Human Trafficking Network (ZHTN) Task Force at Wisma Samadi, Jakarta Archdiocese, 10 – 11 September 2020. In addition to agreeing on the formation of a Research Task Force, this meeting also produced recommendations for research themes on the impact of the temporary terminal (moratorium) policy on Indonesian migrant workers abroad on the situation of human trafficking in the East Nusa Tenggara Province. This research began in January 2020 and was dormant for several months due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. On behalf of the Research Task Force Coordinator, Zero Human Trafficking Network (ZHTN), we would like to thank Nienke Vierstra (Mensen met een Missie, NL) for the input on the substance, methodology, and support of this research. Thank you also to Fr. Paul Rahmat, Fr. Agus Duka (VIVAT Indonesia), Pdt. Emmy Sahertian (GMIT), Pdt. Elga Sarapung (DIAN/Interfidei Foundation), Sr. Estochia Monika Nata (TRUK F Maumere), Sr. Maria Yosephina Pahlawati (JPIC SSPS West Flores), Pius Rengka (VOX East Nusa Tenggara) which has helped enrich ideas, as well as helped deepen information to support the implementation of research in the field. Thank you to Yohanes Victor Lasi Usbobo (Institute of Resource Governance and Social Change/IRGSC) who organized the survey and facilitated the FGD in Kupang city. Enumerator friends for Kupang; Yanny, Sri, Decky, Dida, Arys, Merlin, Even. Enumerator friends for Sikka Regency; Maria Theresia Y. Helfi, Y. Dafrosa, Yano, Elisabet Istilca, Maria Dortina, Elisabet Bestyana, Sr. Fanti, Yulianto Valentino, Muche Bakang, and Fransiskus Gunadi. Enumerators from West Manggarai Regency; Itho Umar, Ningsih, Indah Sega, Wahyu, Vincent, Nesty, Koko Candra, Milano, Afry Magung, and Tilde, thank you for your hard work in supporting the field survey. Thank you Fr. Ignas Ledot – Puslit Candraditya Maumere and Dr. Max Regus Unika Santo Paulus Ruteng for his FGD facilitation in Sikka Regency and West Manggarai Regency. Our appreciation and gratitude also extend to all parties, stakeholders from the village government, regency/city governments, provincial governments, law enforcers, and civil society in East Nusa Tenggara Province who are involved in the process of extracting information and supporting the smooth running of research. To the Migrant CARE Research Team, Dr. Aris Arif Mundayat, Wahyu Susilo, Retno Agustin, Meifita Handayani, Yovi Arista, Zulyani Evi, Twenty Aprilia, thank you for your cooperation so that all stages of this research can be completed.

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