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South Sulawesi Police Reveals Human Trafficking Case in Makassar which Has Been Operated Since 2019



The South Sulawesi Regional Police arrested a pimp as suspect of human trafficking case in Makassar.

“We decided that JR as a suspect which she offered 5 women,” the Head of Sub Directorate IV Renakta, Kompol Religia Faradikta explained. Reported by on Suturday (13/8/2022).

The pimp was subjected to article 2 subs article 12 of the republic of Indonesia law number 21 of 2007 concerning the eradication of the criminal act of human trafficking.

The arresting was in a hotel in Makassar based on public report. After investigating, the human trafficking activity has been done since 2009.

The pimp got 30% from the victims’ income after they dated with the men. The victims were offered by using dating application. When the victims got money, they have to share to the pimp.

The directorate of general criminal investigation of regional police South Sulawesi, AKBP Jamaludin Farti, S.I.K., M.Hum., strongly stated that he would continue the investigation to dismantle that human trafficking network in South Sulawesi. (Roudhotul Jannah)

Excerpted from media

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