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2 People from Sukabumi become Victims of Human Trafficking in Laos


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There are two cases of human trafficking that sent to Loas. The victims are from Sukabumi West Java. They are GG (29 years old) and AF (28 years old).

The leader of the Indonesia Migrant Worker Union, West Java, Jejen Nurjanah said that Uniaon have not received an official report about their condition (GG and AF) who are suspected of being victims of the criminal act of human trafficking in Laos. However, based oon the internal meeting, the cases have been handles by the National Police Headquarters.

“Based on the coordination meeting of the Indonesian Migrant worker Union, West Java with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Bogor yesterday, the human trafficking cases of two people from Cisaat to Laos have been handled by the National Police Headquarters” Jejen explained (quoted from, Thursday August 18, 2022).

The meeting discussed about victim’s return to Indonesia

“The cases are handled by the National Police Headquarters and also assisted by the Migrant care because the cases are considered the same so the cases are handled directly by the one institution,” Jejen explained.

The cases began when the victims were offered an offer to work in Thailand but they were sent to Laos instead by land route.

The victims work for trading company in Laos. They were not allowed to communicate with other people outside the apartment.

“The first information, they were promised to work in one company in Thailand and would get salary up to US$ 1.000, by the job supplier who they know in Sukabumi” Jejen said.

“Jejen gave same advises to the victims’ family that it would be better to report the cases to the authority, The Indonesian Migrant Worker Union, and the task force.

“Basically, if we get an official report, we are able to assist and make complain to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” she added.

The head of Cisaat district, Yudi Mulyadi added that he got the information on Wednesday (17/8) yesterday. He would visit the victims’ family to confirm the information.

“We have coordinated with the local government (village) and now they are checking their families’ houses. We need to do this for making sure,” Yudi explained. (Roudhotul Jannah).

Excerpted from media

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