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KABAR BUMI holds Case Assistance to Indonesian Migrant Workers Training in East Java

Big Family of Indonesian Migrant workers (Keluarga Besar Buruh MIgran Indonesia or KABAR BUMI) helad training on handing Indonesian migrant workers" cases at Amaris Hotel Ponorogo.

The participants of the training take group photo (Jannah)

 Big Family of Indonesian Migrant workers (Keluarga Besar Buruh Migran Indonesia or KABAR BUMI) held training on handling Indonesian migrant workers’ cases at Amaris Hotel, Ponorogo. This event that supported by Menses Met Een Missie was held on December 19th to 20th, 2021.

This training was followed by 21 participants from East Java and Sukoharjo regency, Central Java. The majority of the participants were migrant workers and students of universities. All the participants were very enthusiastic about the training and they followed the training until finish.

This training aimed to equip and increase participants’ capacity to assist the complicated Indonesian migrant workers’ cases. The participants received a case handling and assistance guide module published by KABAR BUMI. The module is the result of KABAR BUMI’s mentoring experiences that was arranged or prepared by the administrators and the assistants of the KABAR BUMI.

The participants were not only received the module but they also got the explanation of the materials from two presenters. First presenter was Karsiwen. He is the head of KABAR BUMI who is the one of the drafting team members of the module. Second is Dewi Amalia. She is the one of the editors of the module. The topics presented by the speakers were the criminal act of human trafficking, overcharging and violence of the gender-based.

The training was not only explaining the materials but the participants were also trained how to assist Indonesian migrant workers with their cases. Some participant acted as victims and the other ones acted as assistants. It was begun with the victims came to the assistants, telling their cases and experiences. The assistance continued with a counselling session. They acted to assist victims from the psychological side and legal side or law. Furthermore, the assistants explained the steps would be taken based of the cases and victim’s approval.

The participants were expected to be able to assist the Indonesian migrant workers’ cases after the training. The Indonesian migrant workers’ cases are complex such as documents detention, overcharging, sexual violence, etc. it seems the government does not want to resolve the problems and protect the Indonesian migrant workers. (Jannah)


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